The World in Context

Ben Miller

Founder of The World in Context

Hello there! My name is Ben Miller, and I attend Swansea University, studying a BA degree in history and ancient history. I enjoy a variety of activities, such as hiking in the Brecon Beacons, painting miniatures, playing football for the Swansea University team, and keeping up with current events, global affairs, international relations and environmental concerns.

My work with the refugee aid organisation Solidartee is among the most significant aspects of my life. In my capacity as a member, I strive to increase global and local support for refugees and asylum seekers. I have had the chance to meet people from various walks of life because to Solidartee, and I am continually moved by their tenacity and courage in the face of difficulty.

Together with my philanthropic work, I also play football frequently. Playing for the Swansea University team has given me the opportunity to keep active and lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as a sense of community and togetherness. My ties with my teammates have been some of the most enduring and significant of my time at university.

I enjoy going on lengthy hikes in the Brecon Beacons whenever I'm not playing football. Being outside in the fresh air and taking a break from my academic work has a calming effect. In addition to being a great kind of exercise, I find that hiking helps me decompress and relieve tension.

Painting miniatures is one of my other interests, and I've had the good fortune to transform this passion into a commissioned semi-professional job. I love the challenge of using paint to bring characters to life, and it's so satisfying to see the finished product after spending hours paying close attention to every last detail.

As a history student, I am very much engaged with our world's history and how these impacts are current day-to-day life, hence the website named the World in Context'. This website will also contain discussions on key historical events that parallel my own interest or studies at university.

And last, I'm very interested in world affairs and environmental concerns. I think it is our duty as members of the next generation to make sure that the planet we leave behind is just and sustainable. I aim to contribute to improving the world, whether it's through volunteering for regional environmental causes or keeping up with international politics. The focus of this website will be on my thoughts and ideas on current global affairs, as well as acknowledging how we can better help the environment.